Experienced Artificial Intelligence and
Extended Reality

RAIAR spells a palindrome, a symbolic representation of computer vision and immersive intelligence. We see technology as art that which executed with craftsmanship for delivery of uncompromised quality work.

RAIAR is a creative technology company with an outstanding team of experts who build world-class AR/VR solutions. We transform the way business operates by providing them with cutting-edge technologies such as computer vision, object recognition, Artificial Intelligence machine learning and, photogrammetry solution.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence soon going to be one integral part of human race. We at RAIAR have already invested thousands of man hours to solve business problems.


We offer ARVRMR solutions based on computer vision technology for wide range of business verticals including Education, Real estate, Tourism, Entertainment and Automotive industry.


Artificial Intelligence or AI is one of the most exciting technological trends to enter the business world in recent years. Raiar Technologies applies AI to solve problems in various business sectors.


Closing the gap between the real and the digital world.

Immersive Content Creation

Content for ARVRMR is going to be ever demanding area where we have earned our expertise to deliver immersive and meaningful content across the channel.

ARVRMR Consultancy

Experts at RAIAR have more than 15 years of industry expertise in ARVRMR and AI. We understand business needs at micro level and consult organization the best available solution which are robust, scalable and cost effective.


To have understand ARVR is the first step for any organisation. Our expert knowledge building assistance helps companies to get trained with ARVRMR and AI technology better.

App Development

Our custom made solutions are more targeted for specific problems in an organization. With our multiple industry expertise, talented strategy team and brilliant developers we make sure the final delivery meets client exceptions.

Our RAIAR Surface App can scan plane surface like floor and Wall and allow user to visualise various designs realtime. An app for all Construction Industries.


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Our social AR tool can send brands, products and services in most intutive and engaging way on Facebook and Instagram and shareable on any medium.


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Our AI powered Chatbots agents are industry specific, self learning, hybrid, intelligent and cross platform. It can take 60% of human load. With our Chatbot Customer Service made easy.


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Finding is easy now with our AR Indoor Navigation solution. It is a perfect tool for hospitals, university, malls and airport with centimeter accuracy level.


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With smart glass and Mixed Reality solution, assisting your onsite technician from your desktop is possible. Reduce human error and time on field with high efficiency.


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Our AR/MR maintenance solution helps visualise machine components augmented right on top of the machine you are looking at. This help you complete your process step by step without error.


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We offer VR classroom setup a turnkey solution to convern any classroom into a VR powered bringing trainer and trainee into same virtual environment.


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Industry Expertise

Tailor made solutions for featured businesses

Oil and Gas
Engineering & Construction
Sports and Fitness

Digital intelligence for Industry 4.0.


Solving real world problems.